It is a consortium composed of various gram-negative bacteria such as Klebsiella and Pseudomonas purely separated from soil, which can control the biodegradation efficiency of PCP and dioxin according to the condition of cultivation.
And the biodegradation efficiency is much more effective with multi capabilities than that of Flavobactrium, common as the environment purifying bacteria in USA.
According to the conditions and environments polluted with recalcitrant toxic matters of chlorine compounds, the consortium of useful bacteria can be reconstructed and the time and efficiency of regeneration can be controlled by modulating the course of installation process. This technology was applied and registered for Korean patent office, USA, AUS, NZ, China, Japan and EU patent office(Fig 1, 2). HS cord 3824.90-9090


(1) Biodegradation of PCP in minimal liquid
   medium by dailbiotech1000.
(2) Biodegradation of PCP and dioxin
   contaminated into wood material and soil.




- Microorganisms for biodegradation of PCP (pentachlorophenol), chlorinated organic
compounds and dioxin.

- Optimum Temp. 20 - 30°C

1. Applied Field of Industrial and Applied Businesses
  (Applicable Business):

PCP (pentachlorophenol (timber antiseptic, agrochemical, insecticide)), dioxin, contaminated timber by chlorinated volatile organic compounds, soil, purification and restoration of wastewater, soil, industrial wastewater, waste, timber, underground water, organic soil, golf course related.

2. Present treatment methods and problems

Incineration but creates great amount of dioxin

3. Principal functions and expectable effects.

1) Environmental restoration by biodegradation technology of Pentachlorophenol
  and chlorinated compound which main source of dioxin 90~99%.

2) Restoration of environment that polluted by hard to decomposition harmful
  matters with bonding action of nature friendly bacteria.

3) Removing polluted PCP fundamentally by turning hard to decomposition
  harmful matters such as PCP to burning element for bacteria.

4) Biodegradation of dioxin for soil is excellent succeed example internationally.

4. Comparison with other product

It has superior effects than White Rot Fungi or Flavobactrium which has been sold at U.S.A.

5. Actual results and applied example: Registered at Patent details

1) Ammunition box: Treated 5 tons for Ministry of National Defense of Korea,
  United States Forces Korea. (Result of analysis: Dail Biotech)

Result: Initial density of PCP: 3,000~10,000ppm. After treatment: Decreased to 16ppm


Data before treatment

Data after treatment

Environment Standard





New Zealand: farmland 11

Sweden: contaminated soil 2

  There is no exact standard for PCP in Korea and forward countries are same standard treatment as Dioxin.


About 2,500ng/kg

ND ~ 85ng/kg
not detected)

U.S.A: residential section 1000
Sweden: residential section 10
   Industry, road, business 250

  Unit: pg-teq/g

Numbers are total of whole density of principal dioxin (17 kinds)

2) Sweden soil: Analysis result of PCP and Dioxin contaminated soil in Germany after treated in Korea.


Data before treatment

Data after treatment

Environment Standard



About 2,500

ND ~ 26

Farm land 11

ND: not detected

3) New Zealand Soil                        Unit: mg/kg

6. Treatment Method

Depositional treatment by plant type tank or product input spray to the state of floating on the surface of water by binding to soil, sticks to alien substance or adhered to Timber: Stains travels and decomposition. Time period can be different depends on thickness but normally it requires about 2 months for insert spraying method and about one month for deposition mixing method.