Dailbiotech1100 is the group of various aerobic-microorganisms which is composed of super-bacterial consortiums and new materials. Some of waste acid and waste alkali pollutants were treated in anaerobic methods with high cost precision equipment, yet any decomposition of aerobic method were not reported on the world class level. However, this technology enables the target substances to decompose efficiently at low cost in the aerobic state. Recalcitrant toxic waste matters that are dumped into sea, soil or incinerated can be purified by the biodegradation which is the cutting edge distinct technology providing the leading position in the market. This technology was applied and registered in Korean patent office, USA, AUS, NZ, China, Japan and EU patent office(Fig. 3, 4). HS cord 3824.90-9090



- Biodegradation of waste acid and waste alkali chemicals of dumped into the sea.

- Biodegradation of recalcitrant toxic industrial wastewater and waste matters.

- Bioremediation of soils & water body contaminated by mining wastewaters,
  and other hydrocarbons.

- Biodegradation of antibiotics and organic solvents, etc.

1. Applied Field of Industrial and Applied Businesses
  (Applicable Business):

Restoration of contaminated environment caused by mine acid, antibiotic, organic solvent, waste acid and waste alkali: petroleum chemical product compounding factory, pharmaceutical factory, mining industry, reclaimed land, sunken water, soil and accumulated soil by the river etc.

2. Present treatment methods and problems

Dilute with water and discharge, burn, neutralize or reclaim and creating sea pollution by discard in the ocean.(International organization (London Dumping Convention): Dumping in ocean is prohibited, observe and managed by Sea Pollution Prevention Organization)

3. Principal functions and expectable effects.

1) Aerobic microorganism group that structured with super microbe compound.
2) Chlorophenols, antibiotic and organic solvent etc. turns to harmless CO₂and H₂O,Expectable efficiency of 80~95%

4. Comparison with other product

Dailbiotech 1100 is the first one to be commercialized. Presently physical and chemical methods (thinning with water, burning, neutralize, reclaim and dumping in ocean) are only methods but they can not treat hard to dissolvable mixed waste acid and waste alkali.

Most suitable method is combining physical and chemical methods with Dail Biotech’s Bio method.

In this case, it can treat special mixed waste acid and waste alkali and also, it is beneficial economically.

5. Actual results and applied example: Registered at Patent details

1) Great amount of waste acid and waste alkali was found at the antibiotic intermediate compounding factory of domestic medicine ingredient companies and it created problems exporting products to U.S.A and other countries. (Result of before and after treat, refer below)

2) Domestic petroleum chemical factory: eliminate great amount of waste acid and waste alkali. (Result of before and after treat, refer below)

Tested Item

Data before Treatment

Data after Treatment

Environment Standard


Petroleum chemical dumping waste acid in ocean
Waste Alkali



Prohibits generating hard to dissolvable specific mixed waste acid and waste alkali

Petroleum chemical industry

Dumping medical waste acid to ocean
Waste Alkali



Medicine ingredient industry

(Analysis by Mn method)

■ Analysis data is laboratory data of Dail Biotech.

6. Treatment Method

Most of them are liquefied so it requires over 2-3 weeks of treating time period after mixing product with liquid