Simultaneous biodegradation of chlorine compounds and compounds of strong acid and strong alkali.


Mixed product of dailbiotech1000 and 1100.

1. Applied Field of Industrial and Applied Businesses
  (Applicable Business):

1) Restore polluted environment by PCP: soil, limber, underground water, accumulated soil by the river, organic soil and golf course etc.

2) Restore polluted environment by waste acid and waste alkali: petroleum chemical product compounding factory, medicine industry, mining industry, reclaimed land etc.

2. Present treatment methods and problems

Refer to Dailbiotech 1000, 1100

3. Principal functions and expectable effects.

1) Safety of product structure ingredients has been approved and confirmed by affiliated laboratory of FDA (RCH Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Analytical Laboratories) for entering American market. {FDA I.D.CODE2030950; 2002.5.30}. There-for, Dailbiotech 1000, 1100, 1200 has been approved that it contains no harmful matters and 1300, 1500, 1600 and 1700 are also same in structure ingredients so, it is safe to say that it is also harmless.

2) Expectable efficiency of 80~99%

3) It has function of Dailbiotech 1000 and 1100: Refer Dailbiotech 1000 for detail.