Biodegradation of aromatic compounds such as highly concentrated Toluene and other PAHs which contaminate soil and water. Patent registered at Korea (6.2006) and PCT International Publication for Patent (WIPO, 10.2005)


-Bioremediation of soil & water body contaminated by Toluene and other PAHs.

-Gram positive bacteria isolated from natural environment.

1. Applied Field of Industrial and Applied Businesses
  (Applicable Business):

Restore polluted underground water environment and contaminated soil by toluene (petroleum chemical product): Petroleum chemical complex, electronics industry aircraft part industry, cleaners etc.

2. Present treatment methods and problems

Mostly, it’s been treated by physical cleaning, reclaiming, burning and chemically neutralized. Some of thesis about biological treatment but, we assume there is none that has been commercialized.

3. Principal functions and expectable effects.

1) It is product formed with many kinds of congregated bacteria and it has excellent dissolving ability.

2) Expectable efficiency of 90~99%

4. Comparison with other product

There are physical and chemical treating products but they have demerit of uneconomic compare to bio product and caused second environment pollution and merit of requiring short treatment period

5. Actual results and applied example: Registered at Patent details

Analysis data is laboratory data of Dail Biotech (Lab. Test)

Tested Item

Data before Treatment

Data after Treatment

Environment Standard





Korea, soil pollution concerned: 80mg/kg

BTEX Standard

Germany. Applicable sensitive level land 0.5mg/kg


6. Treatment Method

It is attached to soil particle or locked in underground water so treat by input and spraying the product. It requires about 1-2 months depends on the thickness.