Efficient biodegradation of highly concentrated 1,1,1-Trichloroethane,
TCE, and PCE which contaminate water and soil. Patent registered at Korea
(6.2006) and PCT International Publication for Patent (WIPO, 10.2005)


-Bioremediation of 1,1,1-Trichloroethane, TCE and PCE at the site which
contaminate soil and water.

-Facultative aero-bacteria isolated from natural environment.

1. Applied Field of Industrial and Applied Businesses
  (Applicable Business):

1) Restores waste water and underground water environment and soil that polluted by
cleaning solvent { TCA(1.1.1-trichlorethane), TCE or PCE}

2. Present treatment methods and problems

Assume there is no clear treating solution at present time.

3. Principal functions and expectable effects.

It is product formed with many kinds of congregated bacteria and it has
excellent ability of dissolving organic chemical. Expectable efficiency of 90~99%

4. Comparison with other product

Presently, Dailbiotech 1500 is only product that has been commercialized,
so assume there is no other product to compare.

5. Actual results and applied example: Registered at Patent details

Analysis data is laboratory data of Dail Biotech (Lab. Test)

Expecting similar result on TCE, TCA

Tested Item

Data before Treatment

Data after Treatment

Environment Standard (Korea)





“A” area: 4mg/kg

Field, paddy field, orchard, forests and fields, school lot, river and water supplying lot

“B” area: 24mg/kg

Factory lot, road, mixed land

6. Treatment Method

Underground water or soil is polluted greatly, so sprinkling or inputting method is being used and requires over 2 weeks of treating time period.