Efficient biodegradation of Petroleum-Tar Acids containing complex
recalcitrant toxic chemicals which contaminate soil and water
(ground and sea water). Patent registered at Korea (6.2006) and
PCT International Publication for Patent (WIPO, 10.2005)


-Bioremediation of Petroleum-Tar Acids containing complex recalcitrant toxic
chemicals which contaminate soil and water (ground and sea water)

-Facultative aero-bacteria isolated from natural environment.

1. Applied Field of Industrial and Applied Businesses
  (Applicable Business):

Restoration of polluted environment by Petroleum (TPH, BTEX) and Tar Acids
(structured by 20 some types of poisoning harmful matters): Transformer
lubricating oil retained electric business, military investigation, U.S Army unit,
oil pipeline soil, Ulsan, Yeocheon petroleum chemical complex, beach soil, ocean etc.

2. Present treatment methods and problems

It is in process of purifying environment that polluted by petroleum but,
no business can indicate solution for environment that polluted by Tar Acids.
Approaching methods are in investigation. (England, Sweden etc.)

3. Principal functions and expectable effects.

1) Instance of treating Tar Acid is international excellent succeed case.

2) Expectable efficiency of 90~99%

4. Comparison with other product

1) There are many kinds of product using physical and chemical methods and
bio treatment for petroleum but the efficiency has not been inspected.

2) Dailbiotech 1700 is first product to treat Tar Acids.

5. Actual results and applied example: Registered at Patent details

1) Restored soil of an air unit 3368 (end of year 2004) by treating pollution, completely.

Summary: Result of testing POL area outside barrack, TPH was maximum of
3,169.28mg/kg and (exceed of environment standard B area) and polluted
soil was 458.64m3. By land farming, Dailbiotech 1700 has been used for
about 4 months. After soil restoration treatment by Korea Resources Corporation,
the result was average of 85.2mg/kg for TPH and average of 33.40mg/kg for
BTEX has been approved.

2) Tar Acids are most difficult waste of Petroleum chemical industry and it is
mixed harmful matters accumulated at beach of Sweden.

Tested Item

Date before Treatment

Data after Treatment

Environment Standard


Tar Acids (100%)




Revise law (Jul 1 2005): TPH: Farm land and residence area 500mg/kg
Pollution countermeasure standard 1,200mg/kg




B area 2,000mg/kg

20 some kinds besides BTEX




Sample was sent as lump from Sweden. And the result is confirmed by SUEZ-SITA group after biodegradation in Korea.

6. Treatment Method

1) Petroleum types need few months of treatment after scattering product to soil.

2) Tar Acids are accumulated at the beach or kept separately, so set up separate plant and deposit the product to treat. Period of treatment is about 5 months and Dailbiotech 1700 and related Stains survives through 4% of salt water (Sea waters salinity is 3.5%) and treat, so petroleum can be efficiently dissolved and treated.